Minecraft Azuran Map [1.4.6]

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Azuran Map (3)

Azuran Map (4)

Azuran Map (5)

Azuran Map (1)

Azuran Map (2)

VoVMineCraft’s Azuran
A Large sized world with several vast islands, stretching biomes from northern regions to southern regions!
All handpainted biomes & landscape!
All was done with worldpainter, not a single edit with any other terraforming tool!
Ready for survival if you want to survive, in a terrain that is a lot more realistic!
The land contains all basic resources, rivers, ores and even strongholds, mineshafts and dungeons!

How to Install Azuran Map:

  1. Download Azuran Map
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag in the zip folderMap
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: VoVMineCraft

Download Azuran Map:


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