Minecraft Bam’s GUI Enhancer Mod [1.4.6]

Minecraft Mods — December 27, 2012, 9:05 PM

Bam's GUI Enhancer Mod

Bam’s Gui Enhancer improves the GUI and makes the renderer better, it also:

  • stops achievement pop-ups
  • It displays the tools ‘health’ in numbers, displaying how many blocks it can hit before breaking
  • disables fog
  • under water ‘fog’ is made smaller, now you can see farther
  • Don’t know what biome you are in? this mod shows your biome location
  • Displays your FPS
  • Is flying enabled? this mod shows that
  • Did you get confused of what game time it is? The mod displays a clock with 12h and 24h formats
  • Choose a key to toggle flying, no need to double tap ‘space bar’
  • Choose a key to toggle sprinting, no need to double tap ‘w’

Change log:

  • bug fixes
  • fly tag fits with lumberjack tag

Install Bam’s GUI Enhancer Mod [1.4.6]

  1. Downlaod Bam’s Gui Enhancer
  2. Download and Install Forge API
  3. Locate the minecraft.jar folder and open it with an unarchiver
  4. Copy Bam’s Mod .class files into minecraft.jar and delete META-INF
  5. Close all the windows
  6. Enjoy Playing with enhanced GUI

Developer: DerBaM

Download Bam’s GUI Enhancer Mod [1.4.6]:


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