Minecraft Better Breeding Mod [1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2]

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Better Breeding mod adds a purpose to breeding ! Get your pigs a better breed, select your better breeds and create even better pigs ! This works for Cows, Wolves, Sheep and Chicken !!

What are these breeds ?

  • Pigs have  4 new breeds
    • They don’t have a real name yet, But I call them 2nd, 3th, 4th and 5th breed.
  • Cows have 2 more breeds
    • Meat and Leather Cows.
  • Wolves have 4 more breeds.
    • Grey wolf, Black wolf, Shepard and Death Wolf
  • Sheep have 3 more breeds. MilkSheep, MeatSheep and ScottishSheep
  • Each breed is ”better” then the previous one.
  • Pigs gain in health and have better drops.
  • Cows have other properties
  • Wolves get more health and more attack.
  • Sheep drop meat, get milk or be rainbow-full

How do I know what breed is what ?

Pigs vary in color.

  • 2nd breed has a red spot on their head and a herpy-derpy look.
  • 3th breed has a more intelegent look and look kinda orangy.
  • 4th breed has the intelegent look to and are pretty pink !
  • 5th breed is a ted darker then the base pigs, but has a dark line over his back.


  • Meat Cow are not easy to recognize when alone. Their brown skin is tad lighter then the regular cow.
  • Leather cow is kinda red.


  • (no comment)


  • MilkSheep have a smart look, and an udder !
  • MeatSheep have less wool and a darker color.
  • Scottish sheep have kilt-patterned wool !


From Left to Right: Normal Cow, Meat Cow, Leather Cow


From left to the right: Regular Pig, 2nd breed (red spot on the head), 3th breed (orange like), 4th breed(pink !), 5th breed


From right to left: Grey Wolf, Dark Wolf, Shepard and Death Wolf (Dead Dog)


From the left to the right: ScotSheep, MilkSheep and MeatSheep


Udder !


Chicken: You can clearly see all 4 different chicken in this picture. This counts 1 awe chicken, 1 fluffy chicken, 3 breeders and 3 regular chicken


SpawnEggs! Middle row are pigs, left row are 3 wolfs and a cow, right is last wolf and meat cow (sheep spawneggs exist too)




  • Needs ModLoader.
  • Once you clicked the big blue shiny letters who say Download :
  • Open zip
  • Drag and drop files into minecraft.jar !
  • Prefer to use McPatcher to install this mods.


  • Needs the latest forge universal.
  • Note that this is not a core mod.
  • Drag the contents of this mod into the minecraft.jar
  • Or either use MCPatcher to install this mod. (dont forget to un-check all default options when using forge)

Developer: senpaisubaraki

Download Minecraft Better Breeding Mod:

For Minecraft 1.6.4

Better Breeding Mod 1.6.4 (Mirror)

For Minecraft 1.6.2/1.6.1

Better Breeding Mod 1.6.2/1.6.1

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Better Breeding Mod 1.5.2

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Better Breeding Mod 1.5.1

For Minecraft 1.4.7

Better Breeding Mod 1.4.7

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