Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod [1.6.4]

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Deck the halls, bundle up in your warm clothes, and prepare for a Minecraft holiday celebration! ChristmasCraft features a number of changes to help you get into the Christmas spirit:

  • Colder biomes, meaning snow is all around!
  • New items and recipes for delicious Christmas-time treats!
  • A Christmas Tree Stand on which to grow your very own Christmas tree!
  • Decorations, such as Christmas ornaments, wreaths, stockings, and redstone-powered Christmas lights!
  • Three festive holiday music discs!
  • The ability to wrap up nearly any item as a Christmas present, and give it as an item or place it like a block!
  • A new semi-rare friendly mob, the Creeper Claus!
  • Santa’s helpers, the Ender Elves, are here to deliver presents!
  • Perhaps even a visit from Santa himself??
  • Deluxe twinkling Christmas lights! Crafted just like other lights, but with glowstone instead of a dye!
  • Fancy ice skates that give you a speed boost on ice (but slow on land)!

Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod Screenshots:

Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod (1)

Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod (2)

Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod (1)

Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod (2)

How to install Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod:

  • Download ChristmasCraft 3.0.0 for Minecraft 1.6.4
  • 1) Minecraft Forge version 9.11 is required for this mod! Install and run it once first!
  • 2) Unzip the ChristmasCraft download, and you will find a ChristmasCraft_3.0.0.jar file
  • 3) Copy ChristmasCraft_3.0.0.jar into your Minecraft “mods” directory
  • 4) Spread some Christmas cheer!
  • *Note: If you want to run ChristmasCraft on a server, players will still need to install ChristmasCraft to connect to your server!

Developer: Newt_head

Download Minecraft ChristmasCraft Mod:

ChristmasCraft Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.6.1 (Mirror)

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