Minecraft CocoaCraft Mod [1.4.7]

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CocoaCraft Mod (1)

CocoaCraft Mod (2)

This simple mod adds cocoa trees, which you can find in forests or jungles. You can harvest them to obtain cocoa beans and cocoa tree saplings. Then you can grow your own trees! But why? This mod also adds possibility to craft mugs and drink milk and cocoa!

You can also find coffee plants. You can obtain coffee seeds from them. These seeds can then be smelted to obtain roasted seeds. Then just pour water into mugs, add coffee seeds and enjoy your fresh coffee! You can even plant the seeds(they must be next to the water on tilled field. Once planted, you can walk across them as you want, you won’t trample them). Coffee plants can be found in forests, jungles and on plains.

Milk – restores 1,5 hunger
Cocoa – restores 2 hunger
Water  - nothing
Coffee – swiftness for 60 secs, restores 0,5 hunger

How to install:

  •     You need ModLoader.
  •     All class files from the ZIP must go into minecraft.jar
  •     Don’t forget to delete META-INF

Developer: -Reaper-

Download Minecraft CocoaCraft Mod [1.4.7]:

 1.6 [1.4.7] – http://adf.ly/HQrjO

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