Minecraft Commander Mod [1.4.7]

Minecraft Mods — January 17, 2013, 3:12 PM


It is a mod that adds several commands to the game, works only in single player, they range from being cheats, to useful tools for map makers. The goal is to have the result of each command to be visible, and played without having the mod installed


List of commands

Note : [argument] = optional

<argument> = required.

(command) = command alias

green = tab completion available on command’s argument

  • /clearchat (cls): clears the chat and provides a clean history of commands.
  • /defuse : removes any primed tnts in the area
  • /duplicate [amount] (dup) :  duplicates the item any given amount, no argument: just 1 duplication
  • /ench <name/id of enchantment> <level> (e) : enchants the equipped item with any enchantment, with level from 1 – 127. If name = list, list of all enchantments shows up.
  • /enchrem <name/id> (er) : removes enchantment of equipped item.
  • /explode [strength] (boom) : creates explosion at player’s position. If no argument, strength defaults to 4.
  • /gm : switches between survival and creative. If player on survival, sets to creative and vice-versa.
  • /goto [name] : Teleports the player to a given waypoint set by the /setpos command, if no argument, shows a list of all waypoints in the world
  • /heal [number of half-hearts]  (h): heals the player by the given number of half hearts, if no argument, heals completely
  • /hunger [food level] (f) : sets the hunger to the given food level, if argument is “min”, sets to 1 food level, if  ”max” sets to 20, if no argument, sets to 20.
  • /killmobs : kills all the mobs in the area
  • /makestack [amount] (ms) : makes non-stackable item stack to the given amount, if no argument, stacks to 64.
  • /mobspawner <Entity> (mos) : creates a mob spawner where the player is pointing at with given entity. if entity = list, shows up a list of spawnable entities.
  • /namehead <username> : Makes the head block show the given user’s head based on his skin.
  • /platform [blockid:datavalue] : Places a block at the player’s feet with the given blockid:datavalue, if no argument, defaults to glass.
  • /potionfx <effectname> <amplifier> <duration> (pfx) : Adds an effect to a potion with the given effectname, amplifier, and duration (in seconds). if effectname = list, shows up a list of all possible effects.
  • /potionfxrem <effectname> (pfxr) : removes an effect to a potion with the given potion effect.
  • /rename <Name> : Renames an item with the given name (may contain spaces)
  • /repair <Value> : Repairs an item with the given value.
  • /setpos <name> (set) : Sets a waypoint at the player’s position and gives it a name waypoints are used by the goto command.
  • /showinfo : toggles the FPS, Coordinates and light level at the top left of the screen


  • Move the content of the archive to your minecraft.jar (I recommend you make a backup of it), delete the “META-INF” folder, if it exists
  • And you are good to go. You can also install it with MagicLauncher


Version 1.1 :

  • Updated for 1.4.6 and 1.4.7
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added biome in /showinfo
  • All commands can be run without having cheats enabled
  • /makestack can create stacks for non 64 stackable items

Download Minecraft Commander Mod [1.4.7]:


Credits: Visudex

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