Minecraft Custom Music Discs Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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Custom Music Discs Mod allows the addition of custom music discs with configurable recipes and drops.

How to use this mod :
Singleplayer :

First install it as any Forge mod, put the jar file into .minecraft/mods.

To add a music disc to the game, create a folder named “CMD files” in your .minecraft and add your sound (ogg Vorbis file) in there. To
create a ogg Vorbis file from any sound file, open it with Audacity (free software), go to file -> export as ogg Vorbis.
Every time you add or change a music, you have to launch Minecraft and get to the title screen, to complete the process. If you want to
play, close and restart your game, otherwise the new discs won’t work.

To add a craft for your disc, create a text file (.txt) in “.minecraft/CMD files” that has the same name as your sound (for example, “sound.txt” is associated with “sound.ogg”).

Then, write in this file 9 lines representing your craft. Lines 1 to 3 represent the 3 items on the first line of the crafting matrix, lines 4 to 6 are the second line of the crafting matrix, and lines 7 to 9 are the last line.For example, the lines :


represent this craft :

You don’t have to write all 9 lines if your craft doesn’t use all the crafting slots.
You can use items and blocks, and even mod items, if you know their name. For example, “Mocreatures:horsesaddle” refers to the crafted saddle from Mo’Creatures mod.
You can only create ONE craft per disc.

To make a monster drop your disc, simply add this line after the craft, in the text file :
For example, Zombie:20 will make zombies drop your disc with a 20% chance. If you want several monsters to drop your disc, you can write several lines, for example :
If you use “All” as monster name, all living mobs will drop your disc with the specified chance.

You don’t have to write a craft AND drops, you can have only a craft or only configured drops in your text file. If you want neither crafts nor drops for your disc, don’t create a text file.

Launch your game using your Forge profile, and your new discs will be created. Each disc receives an icon from a vanilla disc (it’s not random, it depends on the music’s name, so it will always be the same for the same disc).

Multiplayer :

Install the Server version in the “mods” directory of your Forge server.
Create a new folder in the server main directory, called “CMD files”.

In this folder, create a text file for each of the music discs you want to add, and name it the same as the music. You can configure a craft or drops in this text file, just like in singleplayer. If you don’t want either a craft or drops, you still have to create a text file, otherwise the disc won’t be created, so just leave the file empty.
Do not put the sound files on the server side, they are resources and they belong on the client side.

On the client side, install the Client version in your “.minecraft/mods” directory. Add all the ogg Vorbis sound files in the same folder as in singleplayer mode (.minecraft/CMD files). Creating text files on the client side is useless, they won’t be read.
As in Singleplayer, every time you add or change a music on the client side, you have to launch Minecraft and get to the title screen, to complete the process. If you want to play, close and restart your game, otherwise the new discs won’t work.

Developer: pifou92000

Download Custom Music Discs Mod:

MC1.7.10/1.7.2 single (mirror) – Multi (mirror)  – Server (mirror)

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