Minecraft Derivation RPG Texture Pack 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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Derivation is a 32×32 texture pack that draws inspiration from old and new RPGs. It is created with 100% Pixel Art in order to fit with the Minecraft theme.

The main theme of this texture pack is RPG theme, and because its 32 by 32 it has been done well and fits the theme great! The developer of this pack has aimed for cuddly looking friendly mobs but sharp textures through out the texture pack

Levauant has done a great job with this texture pack and I knew what style he was going for before I even read his information about the texture pack, which means this texture pack has been done well.

Derivation RPG Texture Pack for Minecraft Screenshots:

Minecraft Derivation RPG Texture Pack (1)

Minecraft Derivation RPG Texture Pack (2)

Minecraft Derivation RPG Texture Pack (3)

How to install Derivation RPG Texture Pack for Minecraft

  1. Download Derivation RPG Texture Pack
  2. If this is HD Texture Pack, you have used the MCPatcher HD (or this wont function well). Open MCPatcher and click Patch. Make sure that the HD Textures option is selected. This only needs to be done once.
  3. Open Minecraft and click Texture Packs on the main menu.
  4. Click Open texture pack folder. This opens up the folder where the texture packs are stored. If the folder does not open you will need to manually locate it:
    • Windows: %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks
    • Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks
    • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks
  5. Place the texture pack in the folder leaving the file as a .zip.
  6. The texture pack will now show up in Minecraft. Simply click the pack and it will be applied to Minecraft!

Notice: You need to use THE LATEST MCpatcher in order to fix all the bugs related to “HD” textures. Click here for help.

Resolution: 32x

Developer: Levaunt

Download Derivation Texture Pack for Minecraft

Derivation Texture Pack 1.5.2/1.5.1

Derivation Texture Pack 1.6.4, 1.6.2

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