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There are some cases where I am unsure of what to do for a mob, block, item, ect and will have to come up with something original. I’m trying to stay close to the Fallout lore but will make up my own Fallout style lore in a way that doesn’t hurt the “fallout feel” when necessary.


  • Chicken – Bloatfly
  • Cow – Mutated Brahmin (‘Mutated’ because they only have one head)
  • Mooshroom – Mutated Fungi Brahmin (See Lore Section)
  • Pig – Mole Rat
  • Sheep – Supply Bots (See Lore Section)
  • Squid – Jellyfish
  • Villager – Wastelander
  • Iron Golem – Scrap Golem (See Lore Section)
  • Wolf – Wild Dog
  • Tamed Wolf – Dogmeat
  • Ocelot – Lost Cat (See Lore Section)
  • Cat – Domesticated Cat (See Lore Section)
  • Tamed Wolf – Dog (Based off Dogmeat)
  • Zombie – Feral Ghoul, Feral Ghoul (With shirt), Glowing One
  • Creeper – Exploding Centaur
  • Skeleton – Raiders/The Corpse (3 Versions: Punk, Leader, and HawkEye) (See Lore Section)
  • Spider – Giant Rad Spider (Based off the Rad Scorpion’s appearance)
  • Cave Spider – WidowMaker (See Lore Section)
  • Slime – Rad Slime (See Lore Section)
  • Silverfish – Radroach
  • Blaze – ?
  • Ghasts – Eyebot Overlord (See Lore Section)
  • Magma Cube – Evolved Rad Slime (See Lore Section)
  • Pigmen – Super Mutant (If they ever get implemented)
  • Zombie Pigmen – Armored Super Mutant
  • Endermen – Alien (See Lore Section)
  • Enderdragon – ? (Will be some sort of Alien weapon or creature)


  • Surface – The Wastelands
  • Nether – The Deep (See Lore Section)
  • The End – Alien Base (See Lore Section)


  • Wooden Sword – Baseball Bat
  • Stone Sword – Police Baton
  • Iron Sword – Bumper Sword
  • Diamond Sword – Shishkebab
  • Gold Sword – Nail Bat
  • Gold Shovel – Repellant Stick
  • Gold Pickaxe – Rebar Club
  • Gold Axe – Ripper
  • Gold Hoe – 9 Iron
  • Bow/Arrows – Hunting Rifle and .308 Ammo
  • Mushroom Stew – Stimpak
  • Cookies – Fancy Lad Snack Cakes
  • Iron Bucket – Plastic Bottle
  • Apple – Nuka Cola
  • Golden Apple – Nuka Cola Quantum
  • Redstone Dust – Wire
  • Iron Ingot – Scrap
  • Gold Ingot – Golden Scrap
  • Diamond – Microfusion Cell
  • Records – Holotapes
  • Flint and Steel – Lighter

This is lore that I have made up for this texture pack! This is NOT official Fallout lore!

Mutated Fungi Brahmin – Mutated Brahmin that have been exposed to irradiated mushroom spores for an extended period of time. Mushrooms have starting growing on their tough hides.

Supply Bots – Not long before the Great War broke out, RobCo Industries began working on prototype robots that could deliver supplies to hard to access areas. To save money, these prototypes were only given wool like materials to carry. When the bombs struck, the factory’s automated manufacturing robots stayed active and continued to build these prototypes. A glitch in the manufacturing system seems to have activated the Supply Bots and begun sending them out into the wastes.

Scrap Golem – Wastelands seeking better protection for their settlement may want to consider building one of these giants! Essentially a robot built of parts from broken down machines and scrap metal; This hulking trashcan impresses even the Brotherhood with it’s strength and surprisingly high durability. Supposedly, it was when a Vault filled with mechanics opened up that these Scrap Golems began to appear.

Lost Cat/Domesticated Cat – Many believed cats to have gone extinct sometime after the Great War, but recently more and more of these once beloved creatures have been popping up around the waste. Rumor is that there was a Vault that had both human and animal dwellers living inside it’s walls, and that this Vault has recently been opened. When the Vault was opened, many of the animals got lost or escaped into the wasteland and began to repopulate, and Merchants tell stories of these curious animals
following their caravan when they had fish on them. People say you shouldn’t give these lost cats any food because they’ll never want to leave you alone, but others welcome having an extra hand around their house to deal with pests.

The Corpse – The Corpse is the primary group of raiders in this wasteland. They are said to wear the bones of their victims on their armor. They seem to hold quite a grudge against humanity for whatever reason, as they have been known to ignore other creatures and charge straight at a lone Wastelander. No one knows why creatures leave them alone, but some say it may have to do with their armor giving off the scents of familiar creatures, but this is all just speculation. These Raiders can be seperated into three ranks:
Punk: These are the shirtless, bandana wearing grunts of the gang. They are the most common of the raiders.
Leader: Leaders wear black armor and a large belt made of bones. Only the most vicious raiders will be granted this rank.
HawkEye: The HawkEye armor was an experimental armor that enhanced the wearers vision, and was originally intended for use by snipers. At some point in their long, bloody history, the Corpse came across this armor and gave it to their best shooters. Sadly, the Corpse have let the HawkEye armors fall into disrepair and it is now more of a status piece then an effective military grade armor.

WidowMaker – Black Widows that came into contact with large amounts of radiation began to grow in size, much like Rad Spiders. However, unlike Rad Spiders, the black widows have an extremely toxic bite that can even make a Deathclaw sick. Story is that the spider got the name WidowMaker when a young couple encountered the creatures in an old mineshaft, and the husband died trying to protect his wife.

Rad Slime – Animals of various sizes and shapes that have been exposed to an unique strand of the Forced Evolutionary Virus. The FEV has mutated these creatures to such extremes that they have all of their original traits and have become impossible to identify. The Rad Slime sustains itself by absorbing smaller organisms, and will split itself up when in danger.

Eyebot Overlord – The Eyebot Overlords are actually post-war robots designed by Enclave scientists. These Eyebots are tasked with watching the underground Super Mutant population and keeping track of their movements. Due to recent set backs within the Enclave, the Eyebot Overlord project has been abandoned, and the robots have been left underground. Unlike regular Eyebots, the Overlords are much larger, fire plasma bolts rather than lasers, and have monitors on the front of them.

Evolved Rad Slime – Rad Slimes that live deep underground sometimes manage to absorb one of the local Super Mutants. These Rad Slimes become more aggressive and will leap towards their prey without hesitation.

Alien – Most Wastelanders see these the Aliens as just some new mutant, but others have been claiming that these creatures are visitors from space! While the inhabitants of the Wastelands have been trying to figure out what these creatures are, the Aliens have been secretly establishing a base near the earth, and have begun preparing a new weapon to use against humanity.

The Deep – After the fall of the Master, many Super Mutants wandered the Wastelands, seeking their own purpose in life. While many continue to harass humanity, many others have tried to settle down and build their own communities. Unfortunately, humanity can be cruel, and most label all Super Mutants as threats. The Super Mutants that wished to live peacefully have now moved deep underground, surrounded by radiation. The residents of The Deep are not used to seeing humans in their territory, but will not attack unless provoked.

How to install Fallout Dusk Texture Pack

  •     Download Fallout Dusk Texture Pack
  •     Make sure you have used the MCPatcher HD (or this wont function well)
  •     Run> /%appdata%/.minecraft/texturepacks
  •     Copy and paste the texture pack (.zip file) there without unzipping
  •     Open Minecraft and change your texture
  •     Done!

Resolution: 32x

Developer: DuskSoldier

Download Fallout Dusk Texture Pack [1.4.7]:


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