Minecraft Fihgu’s Command Mods [1.5.2/1.5.1/1.4.7]

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This is a set of server side mod that adds useful commands such as “/warp”, “/home” and functions like “login”, “permissions”, “protection” to Vanilla/Lan Servers that can’t use any bukkit plugin.

Minecraft Fihgu's Command Mods


  • The Core mod must be put into “.minecraft/coremods/” folder to get any other mod to work.
  • As after 3.0.0
  • in “.minecrat/fihgu/core/” folder
  • the core mod will generate language files.
  • and group setting files.
  • there’s also a config file allowing you to change the default group a new player will join, and rename any command that come from my mods if it got a same name with some other mod.


  • /warp <PlayerName|WarpPointName>: teleport you to a WarpPoint or another player.
  • /summon <PlayerName>: teleport a player to you.
  • /sethome: set your respawn location and allow you to teleport back here later.
  • /home: teleport you back to your home.
  • /setWarp <WarpPointName>: set a new WarpPoint.
  • /delWarp <WarpPointName>: delete a WarpPoint.
  • /back: let you go back to your last location.


  • This mod give you basic protection on a offline server.
  • It allows players to register on your server and check their password when they try to login.
  • by default, player only need to login when they change computer or network.
  • /register <Password> <repeat_Password>: register a new account on this server.
  • /login <password>: login your account.
  • /logout: use this when you’re on a public computer, if you don’t want some other kid throw your stuff into lava.
  • /setpassword <password>: change your password to something else.


  • /lock [regionName]: lock a single block when region name isn’t given, or lock a region when it is.
  • **IMPORTANT** when you lock a double chest, you must do a lock on each of it’s two blocks, else you will find out how diamonds actually has legs.
  • /unlock [regionName]: unlock/delete a lock/region.
  • /share <PlayerName>: share a region/block with another player
  • /unshare: stop sharing a block/region;
  • People will not be able to build on/destory a locked block.
  • And the mod will also stop explosion from destoring your block.


  • This mod allow you to decide on what command a player may use.
  • In “.minecraft/fihgu/permission/” folder, there are configuration files.
  • each player will have one of their own config, and their setting will also be effected by the group they are in.
  • you can change the group setting by edit group configs in core mod.
  • A permission setting file contains the commands that player/group are allowed to use.
  • each line contains one command.
  • and the format is:
  • CommandName.Argument1.Argument2.Argument3…. so on.
  • “me” will allow “/me” but not “/me abc”
  • “me.abc” will allow “/me abc” but not “/me def”
  • “me.*part*” will allow “/me anything” but not “/me anything anything”
  • “me.*all*” will allow any “/me” with any argument.
  • “me.*range:5-10*” will allow a number from the range 5 – 10 to be used as an argument in that slot. ex:allow”/me 6″,deny”/me 11″
  • “me.*onlineplayer*” will allow a online player’s name to be used as an argument in that slot.
  • “me.*commandsender*” allows the player who’s using this command to use his own name as arugment.
  • “me.*group:GroupName*” allows any player’s name from that group to be used as argument.
  • “*permissionsFrom:GroupName*” will give this group/player any permission from that group.
  • if you put “!” before a permission, the player will not be able to use any command that fit that permission.
  • ex:”!me.asd” will stop player from using “/me asd”
  • deny permission will always being considered before any allow permission.
  • so, when you have both “!me” and “me” the result will be deny.

How to install Fihgu’s Command Mods for Minecraft 1.5.2:

  • 1.Install forge if you didn’t.
  • 2.unzip and put “fihgu’s core mod.jar” into “.minecrat/coremods/” folder
  • 3.drop all other mods into “.minecrat/mods/” folder.
  • 4.enjoy.

Developer: fihgu

Download Fihgu’s Command Mods for Minecraft 1.5.2:

For Minecraft 1.5.2/1.5.1

fihgu’s Core Mod(3.0.2).rar – fihgu’s Login Mod(3.0.0).zip

fihgu’s Permission Mod(3.0.1).zip – fihgu’s Protection Mod(3.0.0).zip

fihgu’s Teleport Mod(3.0.1).zip

For Minecraft 1.4.7

fihgu’s Core Mod(2.1.2).zip – fihgu’s Login Mod(2.1.2).zip

fihgu’s Permission Mod(2.1.2).zip – fihgu’s Protection Mod(2.1.2).zip

fihgu’s Teleport Mod(2.1.2).zip

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