Minecraft Finnick The Nutcracker Skin

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Minecraft Finnick The Nutcracker Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Finnick The Nutcracker Skin

Story: Finnick was a soldier of war for the British army during the American Revolution. He fought well as a soldier and was respected by his general very much. One day while Finnick was out and about searching for something too eat since they had little resources, he met this young girl named Elenora. Elenora was a very pretty fair blonde hair girl with great big light green eyes. Finnick was enchanted by her beauty. He almost felt like he was in love with miss Elenora, so he of course decided to abandon the army and run away with her too be with her forever, and so they did. Many years had gone by they both were in their 30′s with two sons & a daughter. They were living a happy farmer’s life. Although one day a mysterious old man in all black came up too their home and knock on the door. Finnick’s and Elenora’s daughter screamed since he look frightening as ever. So Finnick cautiously opened the door and greeted the old man dressed in all black. The old man said he was hungry and desired food and shelter, of course they supplied him with food and a place too sleep for the night. In the night when they all were in slumber, the wicked old man went to Finnick’s room and casted a spell on him. The old man could see in Finnick’s mind and saw the he abandon the army and felt as he should be punished for it. He casted the spell and turned him into a nutcracker so he can never be with his beloved and children again. The old man quickly left the vicinity of their home. When Elenora awoke she could not find Finnick anywhere or the old man. She only found a tiny Nutcracker in her bed, confused as ever. Elenora was heartbroken as she had though Finnick abandoned her like he did with the army and cried many days and nights longing for his return , Finnick could only watch his wife and children cry trapped inside the form off a stiff nutcracker, he was also heartbroken as can be. A few years went by and Elenora remarried, and all Finnick could do was watch from a shelf as the woman he loved be with someone else. He was forever heartbroken.

Short Version : A guy who left the army to be with his lover, but an old man cast a spell on him and turned him into a nutcracker

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How to Install Minecraft Finnick The Nutcracker Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Finnick The Nutcracker Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: Antirainbow

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