Minecraft G’s Smooth Modern Texture Pack [1.4.7]

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About this pack

Hi everyone.  Welcome to G’s Smooth Modern HD.  This pack is designed for modern’ish city building, and works best for creative. It is meant to be a nice blend between realism and fantasy, without losing the original feel of Minecraft.

It changes the terrain, lighting,biome and block coloring, partial gui, and a few items. it also has an hd font, custom animations, and basic ctm support (pretty much everything mcpatcher adds).. until him get to everything else it will remain a slightly modified default.

This pack also has custom textures for Rei’s Minimap, and custom bumpmapping files for use with daxnitro’s GLSL Shader Mod.

Notice: This pack is huge, and requires running minecraft with 2gig of memory or more allocated to java for it to function on most computers.

This pack is designed with the use of Dax Nitros GLSL Shader Mod in mind, and the pack looks best with it optimized for 256x textures.

See readme file for instruction.

Resolution: 64x, 256x

Developer : Grugsy

How to install G’s Smooth Modern Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.4.7

  • Download the texture pack.
  • Install lastest version of MC Patcher HD fix or OptiFine.
  • Move the downloaded file into your Minecraft texture packs folder.
  • Enjoy!

Download Minecraft G’s Smooth Modern Texture Pack [1.4.7]:

Smooth modern texture pack download

Readme file : Read-me.txt

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