Minecraft Junkyard God Skin

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A powerful being that can control all sorts of metal and create powerful weapons to smash its enemies in a second.
Roaming through the ravaged wastelands, this mystical creature gathers all sorts of junk and scraps in order to keep its body functional and intact… also helping the environment

Minecraft Junkyard God Skin Screenshot:

Minecraft Junkyard God Skin


How to Install Minecraft Junkyard God Skin:

  1. Download Minecraft Junkyard God Skin
  2. Once you have downloaded a skin you will need to head to http://minecraft.net/profile.
  3. Log into your account and then upload your skin.
  4. Now when you open Minecraft your character should have the skin that you chose!

Developer: Jecth

Download Minecraft Junkyard God Skin:


Or Change my skin

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