Minecraft Camo Lights Mod [1.4.7]

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Camo Lights Mod

building well lit houses or structures is tough, let alone building them without making torches look obtrusive and horrible. Well with this mod, it will be easy and you don’t have to use torches either!

It adds…

Glowing Wooden Planks, Glowing Cobblestone, Glowing Bricks, Glowing Glass, and all colors of wool that glow.

Every recipe is the block, with a glowstone dust.


How to install:

  •     You need ModLoader.
  •     All class files from the ZIP must go into minecraft.jar
  •     Don’t forget to delete META-INF

Developer: Phobophobe

Download Minecraft Camo Lights Mod [1.4.7]:

 Camo Lights v 3.3

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